At the beginning of a relationship, there is a passionate stage for every couple when you simply can't get enough of each other. However, with time, this fades, and many couples encounter a loss of interest.

What can help maintain passion in relationships, according to psychologist Dmytro Ostapenko.

How to keep passion alive in long-term relationships

"The main principle that I always talk about sounds like this: Acts of love lead to the feeling of love,' says the psychologist.

He complements this theory by stating that we cannot help but feel very in love and inspired at the moment, but if we perform the right acts of love, it will lead to the feeling of love.

"When we have been in a relationship for some time and realize that we are losing interest in the partner, we must understand that we can leave everything as it is, nothing to be afraid of. However, we must understand that in the next relationship, the same thing can happen. You can lose interest over time, and again go through this cycle again and again," Vladyslav expresses his professional opinion.

Therefore, according to the psychologist, when we lose interest in another person, we can consciously bring it back. In other words, you can start taking an interest in this person and doing something for them, even if there is no strong inspiration.

Thus, acts of love will lead to the feeling of love and attraction to the partner. After all, when we are in love, we only want the best for the person.

How to maintain passion in long-term relationships (photo: Freepik)

And if you bring this behavior model back through 15 years of marriage, your wife or husband will start to melt from this state and feel cared for.

"Men, unfortunately, in relationships, when they have acquired all the family baggage, when they already have work obligations and something needs to be done in the family, and the woman expects something from him, waits for romance. In this way, by not wanting to work on the relationship, men often hide behind busyness, in other words, roughly speaking, neglect romance and care, while the woman loses respect and the feeling that she is needed, and the desire to part ways arises," says the psychologist.

But as soon as someone on their side correctly engages and starts building the relationship correctly, feelings and passion can be brought back and the situation can be changed. So it's never too late to start working on relationships.

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